One Click Docs

Our Services

Since every business operates differently, we have to tailor our services to meet your unique needs. Most businesses require similiar features as listed below.

Digital Documents

PDF’s, Word Documents, txt files, rtf files, etc.

We automate the process of creating these documents.
Here are some things we can do with digital documents.


  • Extract information from a PDF or other document
  • Populate information on a PDF form or other format
  • Generate a PDF or other digital document
  • Image-to-Text using advanced software to quickly copy text from a picture
  • Write signatures (E-Sign)


Think of an API as a waiter in a restaurant—the waiter takes your order, relays it to the kitchen, and then brings your food back to you. An Application Programming Interface (API) allows different software systems to communicate with one another.

We have an API that your developers can use. Don’t have developers? That’s fine, we have a user interface for you.

Online Forms

From simple contact forms to complex legal forms, our service will automate the process of interacting with them, saving you time and money.

Here are some things we can do with online forms.

  • Fill out / populate online forms using advanced software or web-scraping
  • Collect forms from your business’s website and use that information


Web-Scraping is a technique used to autonomously engage with websites. By using web-scraping, we help businesses save time and resources. Our approach uses an advanced technique that is more reliable than traditional methods. This means we can do more than just read websites, we can interact with them and perform actions for you.

Here are some things we can do with web-scraping.

  • Gather information or data for market research or client aquisition
  • Gather product data for competitior analysis or catalog updates
  • Getting search results from any website
  • Logging into your account
  • Uploading files to your account
  • Downloading information or files from your account
  • Getting quotes online or within a portal
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Filling out or retreiving legal paperwork
  • Filing legal information on government websites
  • Automating a tedious task of clicking through menus

Workflow Triggers

Workflow Triggers are automated actions set to occur when specific conditions are met. This automation enhances productivity, reduces the potential for human error.

Here are some things we can do with workflow triggers.

  • Act on events such as receiving emails, orders or new leads
  • Recording a row on a spreadsheet when a new order, sale, etc.
  • Lead flow automation (for marketing and client aquisition)
  • Automating regular social media posts or updates to keep your clients informed
  • Budget allocation by monitoring business activity to record expenses
  • Sending you a text message when some event happens (new order, sale, file upload, any event)

Spreadsheets and Report Generation

Spreadsheets are a familiar and versatile tool for managing data.

Here are some things we can do with spreadsheets and reports.

  • Adding a new row when an order is placed
  • Adding a new row for a new lead or client
  • Adding a row for phone calls or emails
  • Getting updates on competitor prices and logging activity and changes
  • Monitoring market information or statistical analysis of your business
  • Financial projections based on current sales on your website

Additional Features

One Click Docs is on a mission to save business’s time and money using the latest technology. If you don’t see what you want listed on this page or you don’t undertstand something reach our team with the email below. We will help evaluate if the task you want to automate is feasible, we can make a quick demo as well.


All our data is encryped and backed-up for all clients. We have strict firewall rules and acess protocols to keep your data safe. If you require complience with industry regulations (such as HIPAA complience) please let us know so we can take the necesarry precautions.

Cross-Platform Access

Cross-Platform Access ensures that your business applications and data are accessible on various devices, be it a smartphone, tablet, or computer.  This means your team can interact with our software from anywhere, using any device, 24/7 365.