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One Click Docs is a business automation company that builds custom software solutions tailored to your needs within an easy-to-use online app. We are a hands free approach to traditional business automation. Most automation software is self-service or requires significant time to develop and maintain. When you get your product, all you’ll have to do is click.

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Meet the team

Alex Berman

Title: Co-Owner: Customer Relations, Business Management


My mechanical engineering background allows me to break down and simplify complex technical ideas.  My skillset helps me quickly adapt to various industries and processes, ensuring that our solutions are effective, straightforward, and tailored to fit your business needs.

Taggart Maher

Title: Co-Owner: Lead Developer


As a software developer with a deep-rooted passion for technology, my journey led me to One Click Docs following my experience in automating many business processes as a solo developer. I realized how much time is being wasted by businesses, and I am determined to bring a solution to the table.